A Broadway Villon

A Broadway Villon


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A Broadway Villon by Arthur Cheney Train





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A Broadway Villon


(1 Review)

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d the chain and retreated inside the hall to the foot of the stairs, leaving the way free for his visitor to follow. McCartney entered, hat in hand, and shut the door behind him, catching at a glance the austerity of the furniture and walls. To him every inch of the Brussels carpet, the ponderous, polished walnut hat-rack, the massive blue china stand with its lonely umbrella and stout bamboo cane, and the heavily framed oil copy of St. John spoke eloquently.

"I must ask your pardon again, sir, for disturbing you. But a man of your character, as you have no doubt discovered, must suffer for the sake of his reputation. I--"

McCartney swayed and seized a yellow-plush portiere for support. In a moment he had regained control of himself--apparently.

"A touch of faintness. I haven't eaten since morning." He looked around for a chair. The old man made a show of concern.

"Nothing to eat! Dear me! Well, well! Come in and sit down. Perhaps I can find something."

Deacon Andrews led th


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Kimberly Packard
Cara Bristol

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(1906) Humor (whimsical) /Short story (magazine)

R: * * *

Plot bullets

Voltaire McCartney is, shall we say, a reckless, devil-may-care scoundrel.
He has a big heart for the down and out, but not for the scrooge or bar room sucker.
He can win against an adversary who also plays the game.
His skills are tested with a man with a truly miserly constitution.

From \'Metropolitan Magazine\' April 1906.
although not stated, I believe the title makes reference to:
F. Villon: From Wikipedia: \'French poet of the late Middle Ages.
A ne\'er-do-well who was involved in criminal behavior
and got into numerous scrapes with authorities\'.
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