Monsoons of Death

Monsoons of Death


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Monsoons of Death by Gerald Vance





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Monsoons of Death


(1 Review)
Ward Harrison got himself into a barrel of trouble when he accepted a job at the Martian Observation Station. There were fearful "things" on Mars....

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thoughtfully. He removed his glasses again. "I've had two brushes with them, but I'm not sure that I saw them distinctly either time. Possibly the picture that came to my mind, later, was supplied by my imagination. But I know that there is something very repellent and fearsome about them. I felt that much."

Ward crossed his legs and lit a cigarette casually.

"Can these things be killed?" he asked.

"I don't know," Halliday answered. "The two chances I had I was too scared to find out."

Ward felt a cold anger against this man growing in him. This man had been entrusted with the task of surveying the atmospheric conditions of this area--a vital, desperately necessary job--and he was dawdling along, timidly hugging the cover of this fortress because of a stupid, half-imaginary fear of the natives of the area. He felt his cheeks growing hot.

"We can't stay cooped up here indefinitely," he said. "How about the work we're supposed to be doing. Or does that bother you?"

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A pretty mundane story. A young space officer (or something) is assigned to find out why a Martian weather station isn't sending data to wherever it is supposed to send it. He wanted something more dangerous, because he's itchin' for action.

The writing is trite and the science is bad. But there are monsters and a concluding battle.
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