The Bronze Bell

The Bronze Bell


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The Bronze Bell by Louis Joseph Vance







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The Bronze Bell


(1 Review)
A story of mystery leading into adventures of the breath-taking sort which carry the hero half 'round the world.

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"No. Do you?"

"Not in the least. How should I?"

"You yourself speak Urdu."

"Well but--" The situation hardly lent itself to such a discussion; he had the babu first to dispose of. Amber resumed his cross-examination. "Who are you?" he demanded. "And what is your business in this place?"

The fat yellowish-brown face was distorted by a fugitive grimace of deprecation. "Hazoor, I am Behari Lal Chatterji, solicitor, of the Inner Temple."

"Well? And your business here?"

"Hazoor, that is for your secret ear." The babu drew himself up, assuming a certain dignity. "It is not meet that the message of the Bell should be uttered in the hearing of an Englishwoman, hazoor."

"What are you drivelling about?" In his blank wonder, Amber returned to English as to a tongue more suited to his urgent need of forcible expression. "And, look here, you stop calling me 'Hazoor.' I'm no more a hazoor than you are--idiot!"

"Nay," contended the babu reproachfully; "is it right that you should seek to ho

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(1909) Adventure / Pulp / Romance

R: * * * * *

Plot bullets

In this story and time, India is ripe for a second great mutiny.
An American gets involved, as he is mistaken for another man, then used to facilitate the rebellion.
His promise to a dying man, puts him and others into jeopardy.
Add in a British agent, a faithful servant, and of course a pretty girl (actually two), and we have an adventure..
The revolutionary cult of the Bronze Bell, of course is of no little matter.

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