Great Sea Stories

Great Sea Stories
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Great Sea Stories by Unknown







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Great Sea Stories
(0 Reviews)
Edited by Joseph Lewis French.Spanish Bloodhounds and English Mastiffs by Charles KingsleyThe Club-Hauling of the Diomede by Captain Frederick MarryatThe Cruise of the Torch by Michael ScottThe Merchantman and the Pirate by Charles ReadeThe Mutiny of the Bounty by AnonymousThe Wreck of the Royal Caroline by James Fennimore CooperThe Capture of the Great White Whale by Herman MelvilleThe Corvette Claymore by Victor HugoThe Merchants' Cup by David W. BoneA Storm and a Rescue by W. Clark RussellThe Sailor's Wife by Pierre LotiThe Salving of the Yan-Shan by H. De Vere StackpooleThe Derelict Neptune by Morgan RobertsonThe Terrible Solomonsby Jack LondonEl Dorado by John Masefield

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if they try to run us down, rake them we must, and God forgive us."

The two galleys came on abreast of each other, some forty yards apart. To out-maneuver their oars as he had done the ship's sails, Amyas knew was impossible. To run from them was to be caught between them and the ship.

He made up his mind, as usual, to the desperate game.

"Lay her head up in the wind, helmsman, and we will wait for them."

They were now within musket-shot, and opened fire from their bow-guns; but, owing to the chopping sea, their aim was wild. Amyas, as usual, withheld his fire.

The men stood at quarters with compressed lips, not knowing what was to come next. Amyas, towering motionless on the quarter-deck, gave his orders calmly and decisively. The men saw that he trusted himself, and trusted him accordingly.

The Spaniards, seeing him wait for them, gave a shout of joy--was the Englishman mad? And the two galleys converged rapidly, intending to strike him full, one on each bow.


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Jurgen "jojo" Appelo - Mind-Bending Work of Visionary Sci-Fi
FEATURED AUTHOR - As an author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Jurgen Appelo travels the world to share inspiring stories about people and organizations. Slightly anarchistic, autistic, and eccentric, he happily adopted the nickname “jojo” when it was given to him at the age of sixteen. He calls himself a creative networker, but sometimes he’s a writer, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, designer, manager, blogger, reader, dreamer, runner, freethinker, or … Dutch guy. He wrote several best-selling nonfiction books… Read more