Uncanny Tales

Uncanny Tales
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Uncanny Tales by Various







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Uncanny Tales
(1 Review)
I. The Unknown Quantity - E. R. PunshonII. The Armless Man - W. G. LittIII. The Tomtom Clue - C. Morgan & S. JarvisIV. The Case of Sir Alister Moeran - Margaret StricklandV. The Kiss - M. E. RoyceVI. The Goth - Roy VickersVII. The Last Ascent - E. R. PunshonVIII. The Terror by Night - Lewis ListerIX. The Tragedy at the "Loup Noir" - Gladys Stern

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orefinger. The doctor mentioned this at the inquest--the coroner had decided at once that in this case an inquest was certainly necessary--and he suggested that it showed the Professor had worked too hard and was suffering from overwork which had disturbed his mental balance.

The coroner took the same view, and in his short address to the jury adduced the incident as proof of a passing mental disturbance.

"Very probably," said the coroner, "there was some problem that had worried him, and that he was still endeavouring to work out. As you are aware, gentlemen, the sign X is used to symbolise the unknown quantity."

An appropriate verdict was accordingly returned, and the Professor was duly interred in the same family vault as that in which so short a time previously his cousin had been laid to rest.



I first met Bob Masters in the hotel at a place called Fourteen Streams, not very far from Kimberley.

I had for some months been try

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