The Secret of the Island

The Secret of the Island


(2 Reviews)
The Secret of the Island by Jules Verne





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The Secret of the Island


(2 Reviews)
This book is a sequel to Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. A party of British adventurers, who had been ballooning, but whose trip had ended by being cast away on a Pacific island, have various setbacks due to both pirates and convicts who had escaped from jails in mainland Australasia. They realise that at times there appears to be some kind of entity that is looking after them.Translated by W.H.G. Kingston.

Book Excerpt

to-morrow at the latest, we shall make his acquaintance."

"Never mind!" said Pencroft. "It is best to know whom we have to deal with, and I shall not be sorry to recognise that fellow's colours!"

And, while thus speaking, the sailor never left the glass. The day began to fade, and with the day the breeze fell also. The brig's ensign hung in folds, and it became more and more difficult to observe it.

"It is not the American flag," said Pencroft from time to time, "nor the English, the red of which could be easily seen, nor the French or German colours, nor the white flag of Russia, nor the yellow of Spain. One would say it was all one colour. Let's see: in these seas, what do we generally meet with? The Chilian flag?--but that is tri-colour. Brazilian?--it is green. Japanese?--it is yellow and black, whilst this--"

At that moment the breeze blew out the unknown flag. Ayrton, seizing the telescope which the sailor had put down, put it to his eye, and in a hoarse voice--


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Correction; the marooned party was not English. They were American. The story moves along pretty fast and is filled many suspenseful moments. I read this before 20,000 leagues. It\'s a great stand alone story. I definitely recommend it to anyone that enjoys Verne.
I haven't yet read this, but from the excerpt it appears that this books isn't a sequel from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but the 3rd installment of The Mysterious Island triad, the first being "The Mysterious Island" and the second is "Abandoned".