Godfrey Morgan

Godfrey Morgan
A Californian Mystery


(1 Review)
Godfrey Morgan by Jules Verne





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Godfrey Morgan
A Californian Mystery


(1 Review)

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to spend every second of his life.

I do not mention such minor millionaires as the Rothschilds, the Vanderbilts, the Dukes of Northumberland, or the Stewarts, nor the directors of the powerful bank of California, and other opulent personages of the old and new worlds whom William W. Kolderup would have been able to comfortably pension. He could, without inconvenience, have given away a million just as you and I might give away a shilling.

It was in developing the early placer-mining enterprises in California that our worthy speculator had laid the solid foundations of his incalculable fortune. He was the principal associate of Captain Sutter, the Swiss, in the localities, where, in 1848, the first traces were discovered. Since then, luck and shrewdness combined had helped him on, and he had interested himself in all the great enterprises of both worlds. He threw himself boldly into commercial and industrial speculations. His inexhaustible funds were the life of hundreds of factories, his ships w

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(1883) Adventure (Desert Island) / Mystery (Strange voyage) / Satire (light Humor)

Original title (1882): School for Crusoes. Verne seems to be having some satirical fun at his own expense.

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

This mystery only starts in California. It quickly changes to a South Seas Island.
Godfrey wants to experience an adventurous life before marrying.
His hopes are to travel the world and perhaps be able to show his metal, if by fortune, he should be stranded on a desert island. A Crusoe's life would dispel all doubts of his manhood and worthiness to marry.
He gets his chance to make such a voyage, but unknown to him and his companion it is not really one of their own design.
His uncle is super rich and has paved the way for the adventure of 'Godfrey Morgan'

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