The Survivors of the Chancellor

The Survivors of the Chancellor
Diary of J. R. Kazallon, Passenger


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The Survivors of the Chancellor by Jules Verne







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The Survivors of the Chancellor
Diary of J. R. Kazallon, Passenger


(1 Review)
Shipwrecks occur in other of Verne's tales; but this is his only story devoted wholly to such a disaster. In it the author has gathered all the tragedy, the mystery, and the suffering possible to the sea. All the various forms of disaster, all the possibilities of horror, the depths of shame and agony, are heaped upon these unhappy voyagers. The accumulation is mathematically complete and emotionally unforgettable. The tale has well been called the "imperishable epic of shipwreck."

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taking my hand, "al- though, perhaps, HE may forget, I can never forget. Ah, sir, do you suppose that Andre can ever forgive his parents for bringing him into the world a cripple?"

The remorse of the unhappy father was very distressing, and I was about to say a few kind words of sympathy when Andre himself made his appearance. M. Letourneur has- tened toward him and assisted him up the few steep steps that led to the poop.

As soon as Andre was comfortably seated on one of the benches, and his father had taken his place by his side, I joined them, and we fell into conversation upon ordinary topics, discussing the various points of the Chancellor, the probable length of the passage, and the different details of our life on board. I find that M. Letourneur's estimate of Captain Huntly's character very much coincides with my own, and that, like me, he is impressed with the man's un- decided manner and sluggish appearance. Like me, too, he has formed a very favorable opinion of Robert Curtis, the ma

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(1875)Nautical (Ship disaster) / Adventure (Survival at Sea)

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Plot bullets

The Chancellor has set sail, but from the beginning, all is not well.
The captain is not mentally fit for the voyage.
The ship sails way off course and is hit with storms.
What ill portends a ship, who's captain cannot perform his duties, which is wandering in the wrong direction and is battered by storms?
Passengers and crew do the best they can under these circumstances, but worse is yet to come.
There is fire on-board the ship and the only solution may be to try and survive on a raft..
Of those who started the voyage, who will be the strong, the weak, the fortunate or merely the lucky? Who will be: The Survivors of the Chancellor?