The Æneids of Virgil

The Æneids of Virgil
Done into English Verse


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The Æneids of Virgil by Virgil







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The Æneids of Virgil
Done into English Verse


(0 Reviews)

Book Excerpt

heir sway should compass? Father, doth the counsel shift in thee?

This thing indeed atoned to me for Troy in ashes laid,

And all the miserable end, as fate 'gainst fate I weighed:

But now the self-same fortune dogs men by such troubles driven

So oft and oft. What end of toil then giv'st thou, King of heaven?

Antenor was of might enow to 'scape the Achæan host,

And safe to reach the Illyrian gulf and pierce Liburnia's coast,

And through the inmost realms thereof to pass Timavus' head,

Whence through nine mouths midst mountain roar is that wild water shed,

To cast itself on fields below with all its sounding sea:

And there he made Patavium's town and Teucrian seats to be,

And gave the folk their very name and Trojan arms did raise:

Now settled in all peace and rest he passeth quiet days.

But we, thy children, unto whom thou giv'st with bowing head

The heights of heaven, our ships are lost, and we, O shame! be

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