A novella based on the space trading game Oolite


(2 Reviews)
Mutabilis by Drew Wagar







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A novella based on the space trading game Oolite


(2 Reviews)
When a series of linked murders forces GalCop to outlaw the shadow organisation known as 'The Dark Wheel', a mysterious top secret document must be found in order to stave off a galactic conflict. The document contains a devastating secret; the key to domination, power and control. A secret as old as space itself, the location of the legendary planet 'Raxxla.'

Book Excerpt

e," the first officer noted. "Co-ordinates for docking location locked in. Autopilot steady."

"Atmospheric shielding?" the Captain asked.


The first officer was a young, newly qualified officer, keen to impress his grizzled and jaundiced superior.

"Charge the hull, negative polarity."

"Sir?" the query came back.

"Just do it. You'll see."

The Captain looked over the controls and noted the astrogation settings. He turned to the passenger, seated at the rear of the cramped cabin.

"Should be planet-side in about twenty minutes, sir."

The figure nodded in acknowledgement but said nothing. The Captain turned back to his controls. He wasn't happy with the mission, not happy at all.

It had seemed straightforward enough, fly to Larais, drop off a passenger, wait for an hour, pick up another passenger and then return to Lave. 

Then it started to look distinctly odd. Firstly Larais was a ghastly place to have to go to, and all dest


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The best yet.

Set in a world of the ground breaking 80's computer game Elite (and all its later iterations including Oolite), the background, technology and other social structures are at least partly familiar to all who have played these games to any extent. This made the story more accessible as there was no need to start the sotry with page after page of background / set up / scene setting.

If you like Status Quo, wait till you read this. A story extremely well thought out and very well written. A story with so many twists, small and large that it was virtually impossible to predict what was come on teh next page. Superb. Most authors these days are a least a little predictable. Drew isnt.

I simply couldnt put this down, with so many distractions in my house, cats, PS3, XBox and a wife I was surprised to find myself reading this on my iphone and ignoring everything else. Not since the Necroscope series by Brian Lumley ahve I been this captivated by an author.

Superb style of writing. I eagerly await the third installment of this trilogy.
If only there was a way to rate it more than 5 stars.

Seriously, this is the best 'book' i have read in a very long time, maybe ever. And i dont say that lightly. I have read many epic stories, many novels that I have greatly enjoyed.

Probably the only story to come close is the Graphic Novel form of Watchmen (not the film, although that was good). Watchmen was superb, but it had pictures to guide your imagination; Mutabilis doesnt have any of that, yet still I am able to imagine the world without any difficulty. This is indicative of most carefully constructed and well thoughout prose at its best.

Thank you, long may Drew continue to write such quality, and I hope that his writings can be discovered by a wider audience.
If you liked "Status Quo" then you will love it when Drew takes off the training wheels and treats us to a well thought out space opera! Grab your reading light and plan on staying up late!