A short story based on the space trading game Oolite


(4 Reviews)
Schism by Drew Wagar







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A short story based on the space trading game Oolite


(4 Reviews)
Lumbering through the depths of space are the Generation Ships; huge self contained transports driving between the stars at sublight speeds in the midst of thousand year journeys to populate new planets. After 30 generations, a staggering and devastating truth is revealed to the occupants of one such ship

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vided visions; images of places both past and present; some even of events as they were happening; they were known as V'Deo; the seeings.

Miriam was tending to one of these when suddenly the illumination in the Tabernacle changed from its accustomed soft warm yellow to an intense and vivid red. A strange call echoed around the walls, putting Miriam in mind of some of the birds and reptiles housed down in the mid decks. It was a strange wailing noise, repeating at regular intervals. She looked up in concern. Joran, who was nearby, shrugged to indicate his uncertainty.

'The Oracle! It prepares to speak on a matter of import!' The Cardinal announced, stepping forward towards them and raising his arms. Silence fell, and for a moment everyone was utterly still. Then, without spoken command, they all bowed and knelt down, facing the golden curtain as tradition demanded. It was the voice of the journey, the disembodied one. The Oracle.

What the Oracle truly was, no one short of the Cardinal knew


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I really enjoyed this, and the other two shorts, Ascension and Replay, as they all had interesting characters and a good science fiction story. I hadn’t heard of Drew Wagar before this as I had become a bit jaded about current SF writings - retells of old ideas, formulaic, and always in 3 - 10 parts which I find gets a bit boring. I have downloaded the rest of the available writing here and will be looking for more. Definitely try these shorts.
I must admit, I never heard of the game Oolite before reading this short story, however I enjoyed it.
I think any fan of the Outer Limits would like this story and I would recommend it to them.
I remember the Elite computer game, but not so much the details of the story. I'm no particular fan of science fiction but still gave Schism a try.

It didn't appeal to me at all, and after about 15% of the text I stopped reading.
Unless you are a real SF-fan, I discourage reading it.

Do you remember Elite, the computer game from the 80s'?

This short is based in that world. It is well written, has the necessary twists in the well constructed plot.

It is an interesting and very readable book. I eagerly look forward to more from this author.

If you like sci-fi, elite, reading, or even if you don't, I would recommend you read this.

For a short story i cant think of one that i have read that is better.

five star.