The Angel of Terror

The Angel of Terror


(6 Reviews)
The Angel of Terror by Edgar Wallace







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The Angel of Terror


(6 Reviews)
Angelically beautiful Jean Briggerland is a sociopathic criminal, so lovely that none can see her guilt -- even in connection with the most blatant crimes! Can Jack Glover, best friend and lawyer to Jean's latest victim, bring her to justice before she murders her way to unspeakable wealth and power?

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ulled up at the kerb.

The driver leant over the shining apron which partially protected him from the weather, and shouted:

"Is Miss Beale there?"

The girl started in surprise, taking a step toward the cab.

"I am Miss Beale," she said.

"Your editor has sent me for you," said the man briskly.

The editor of the Megaphone had been guilty of many eccentric acts. He had expressed views on her drawing which she shivered to recall. He had aroused her in the middle of the night to sketch dresses at a fancy dress ball, but never before had he done anything so human as to send a taxi for her. Nevertheless, she would not look at the gift cab too closely, and she stepped into the warm interior.

The windows were veiled with the snow and the sleet which had been falling all the time she had been in the theatre. She saw blurred lights flash past, and realised that the taxi was going at a good pace. She rubbed the windows and tried to look out after a while. Then she e


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The willful naïveté of the heiress, and the fact that the lawyers don't think to insist she make her own will immediately are the two main flaws in this exciting thriller. The heir to an estate falls prey to the plotting of the next in line, a woman so beautiful no one believes ill of her, and her father. They kill him, but not before he marries and leaves everything to his wife ... the next target.
Fun read, good crime story - although the incredible stupidity of the victim makes it difficult to take the plot too seriously.
This was a great read!

Keep in mind that the gender roles are typical of the time period in which it was written, and you'll have a wonderful time with this adventure romp. I kept "turning" pages, wondering what our villain would have up her sleeve next.

The ending was a little weak - it seems as though Wallace might have been setting up for a sequel.
Edgar Wallace had a high old time writing this one. We love the humble heroine, but we don't admire her cranial powers. Several attempts on her life are insufficient to arouse her suspicions. Her antogonist, the femme fatale, is quite a piece of work as well. I like the way Wallace seemed to make things up as he went along, and defied the expected moral ending which I will not spoil for you here.

Plot in a nutshell: Heroine comes into the money in unlikely fashion; greedy society leech stands next to inherit it, and seeks to do away with her while they vacation together. Nice surprises, fun characters.
Quite a few twists and turns in this book but it holds your attention. I'm not sure I particularly approve of the ending... but there it is!