Jack O'Judgment

Jack O'Judgment


(3 Reviews)
Jack O'Judgment by Edgar Wallace







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Jack O'Judgment


(3 Reviews)
Who was the mysterious avenger whose hooded form sent terror into the dark haunts of the underworld? This English detective story has an entirely concealed outcome, and the usual escapades and escapes from or to justice are freshly told.

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sort of thing?" he asked. "Just say the word, if they give you trouble or cheek, and I'll have them kicked out whoever they are, from the manager downwards."

"Oh, thank you," she said hurriedly, "everybody is most polite and nice." She held out her hand. "I am afraid I must go now. A--a friend is waiting for me."

"One minute, Miss White." He licked his lips, and there was an unaccustomed embarrassment in his manner. "Maybe you'll come along one night after the show and have a little supper. You know I'm very keen on you and all that sort of thing."

"I know you're very keen on me and all that sort of thing," said Maisie White, a note of irony in her voice, "but unfortunately I'm not very keen on supper and all that sort of thing."

She smiled and again held out her hand.

"I'll say good night now."

"Do you know, Maisie----" he began.

"Good night," she said and brushed past him.

He looked after her as she disappeared into the darkness, a little frown gather


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A nice story about a masked avenger in style of Rocambole and Fantomas.
Fast-paced, with good twists and turns, an unusual criminal scheme and a little romance. It won't keep you awake in the night but it's... nice.
A mysterious vigilante - "Jack" - disrupts the schemes of a crime boss and his associates. After a somewhat silly first appearance, the character of Jack develops nicely and becomes darker and more threatening. There are two romantic interests that mesh well with the plot and do not overwhelm or distract from the main story. Plenty of action and suspense, this is a very good crime / mystery read.
Criminal mastermind Col. Dan Boundary fights two enemies, Stafford King, a dedicated detective, and Jack O'Judgment, a mysterious figure bent on vigilante justice.

The novel opens with the murder of "Snow" Gregory, a doper linked with Boundary. (I was surprised to learn that "snow" was slang for cocaine as far back as 1920, and addicts were just as common then as now.)

Naturally, there is also a love interest, actress Maisie White, daughter of one of Boundary's associates, who's sought after by both King and Pinto Silva, a slimy Boundary henchman.

It's something of a potboiler, and a little predictable, but the story moves along and the crime lord's machinations become wonderfully complex and nasty.