The People of the River

The People of the River


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The People of the River by Edgar Wallace







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The People of the River


(2 Reviews)

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led me to you."

"I, too, saw you in a dream," said Bosambo; "therefore I arose to meet you, for M'laka, the king of the Lesser Isisi, is like a brother to me."

M'laka, who never took his eyes from the brass-coated cylinder, had an inspiration.

"This much I beg of you, master and lord," he said; "this I ask, my brother, that my men may be allowed to come into your city and make joyful sacrifices, for that is the custom."

Bosambo scratched his chin reflectively.

"This I grant," he said; "yet every man shall leave his spear, stuck head downwards into earth--which is our custom before sacrifice."

M'laka shifted his feet awkwardly. He made the two little double-shuffle steps which native men make when they are embarrassed.

Bosambo's hand went slowly to the tripod.

"It shall be as you command," said M'laka hastily; and gave the order.

Six hundred dejected men, unarmed, filed through the village street, and on either side of them marched a line of Ochor


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The plots of the stories are not bad but I do not like his writing style. I just cannot get into them. It reads more like a dry history than pulp fiction should.
This is the second in a series of stories about Sanders, a British commissioner in Africa. Wallace served in Africa and he gets the background right. However, his attitudes are definitely those of his times, and while he accords the African people a much more individual and human status than many pulp writers of the era, his vision is a decidedly paternalistic one.

If you can overlook that, the stories are thoroughly enjoyable and amusing. Fans of Alexander McCall Smith should enjoy them.

Books in the series, not all available here, include:

Sanders of the River, 1911
The People of the River, 1912
Bosambo of the River, 1914
Bones, 1915
The Keepers of the King's Peace, 1917
Lieutenant Bones, 1918
Bones in London, 1921
Sandi, the King Maker, 1922
Bones of the River, 1923
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