Bolden's Pets

Bolden's Pets


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Bolden's Pets by Floyd L. Wallace







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Bolden's Pets


(2 Reviews)
The price of life was a life for a life--which was all the reward the victim looked for!

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one generation was breeding in the body. Bolden was the first patient actually being observed with the disease, but the time element wasn't as bad as he had thought.

"That's where you are," concluded Kessler. "Now, among other things, we've got to find where you've been."

"The ship has an automatic log," said Bolden. "It indicates every place I landed."

"True, but our grid coordinates are not exact. It will be a few years before we're able to look at a log and locate within ten feet of where a ship has been." The doctor spread out a large photomap. There were several marks on it. He fastened a stereoscope viewer over Bolden's eyes and handed him a pencil. "Can you use this?"

"I think so." His fingers were stiff and he couldn't feel, but he could mark with the pencil. Kessler moved the map nearer and the terrain sprang up in detail. In some cases, he could see it more clearly than when he had been there, because on the map there was no fog. Bolden made a few corrections and the doct

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A medical mystery story. While the solution to the mystery is pretty obvious, the bittersweet ending makes the story worth reading.
A fairly predictable, yet still melancholy, alien-world yarn about a man who recieves a pet from an (alien) aboriginal.
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