By Earthlight

By Earthlight


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By Earthlight by Bryce Walton





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By Earthlight


(2 Reviews)
We all have to die sometime, but it's more the manner of our going, and the reason why we must die when we do that's the rub.

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ess of the cutting down of power, the brief warning of intuition, the concussion. And as consciousness came back again, the knowing that he had hit too hard in spite of the lighter moon gravity.

His head throbbing crazily and around him the absolute darkness and silence and the warm ache in his head, the dizziness and the warm stickiness flowing down his face.

He lay there, afraid of retching. He moved his finger to release more oxygen. He could smell himself, the sharp bite of fear and the odor of blood.

He felt panic. He experimented. He could move easily here where the seven-hundred pound suit weighed only 140 pounds. He switched on the suit's light beam. The anonymous man had said. "Get out of the rocket at once, silently!"

He squeezed out of the barrel, into the larger compartment. He got the compartment door open. Half blind by shock, he was out in the Lunar night. "When you get outside, stop right there. Read the instructions!"

He had a panicky desir

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A world-perched-on-the-edge-of-atomic-war story, about a secret attempt to fool Earth into peace. It's dated, and the physics of the story has problems. In 1953 readers probably said, "gosh!" You probably won't. I didn't.
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