Cancer World

Cancer World


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Cancer World by Harry Warner





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Cancer World


(2 Reviews)
Greg tried desperately to find an illegal method of joining his family on Mars; for the law said that no healthy man could land on a—CANCER WORLD

Book Excerpt

t have been in his forties.

"Feel better?" The blond giant steadied Greg in a sitting position.

"What's this all about?" Greg felt for the lump on his head.

"Well, they haven't told me about you," the fellow grinned, "but I can guess. When someone starts to ask about a berth on a freighter, they figure that he's either a potential crew member or a spy. Either way, they figure they'd better take him aboard. I got took just the same way, ten years ago. I'm not sorry now. It's a pretty good life."

"Look, I've got some money." Greg struggled to his feet. "Who can I see to get out of here?"

"Too late," Moore said. "We've blasted off. You've been out cold for two days. Don't you feel the ship?"

Greg sat down again, and suddenly he felt better. After all wasn't he on his way to Mars, where he had wanted to go all along? He could worry about smuggling himself onto the planet later, when they started to toss out the cargo....

Moore introduced him to his duties in the ho

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An odd little story. On an overpopulated Earth people (and their children) who are found to have cancer are either sterilized, or banished to the cancer world of Mars. Greg's wife develops cancer, so she and their kids are going to Mars. Greg tries to break the rules and join them.

It's a futuristic world without too many off-the-wall predictions. The wife and kids are barely characters, it's Greg's story. He's bland, but his frustration is pretty well portrayed.
(1954) Sci-fi (Future Earth Conditions) / Adventure

From 'Imagination' May 1954.

R: ***

Plot bullets

An extreme plan to rid Earth of cancer, has been the law of the land for some time.
All who suffer are Quarantined on a Mars colony.
They are given care, but families are split; as no unaffected person can legally go there.
A man's wife is so quarantined.
He loves his wife and wants to join her.
He must find a way.