A Red Wallflower

A Red Wallflower


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A Red Wallflower by Susan Warner





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A Red Wallflower


(1 Review)
The story following is again in its whole chain of skeleton facts a true story. I beg to observe, in particular, that the denominationalfeeling described in both families, with the ways it showed itself, is part of the truth of the story, and no invention of mine.

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and dainty blossom a few inches above the dead leaves and moss with which the ground under the trees was thickly covered. Christopher came to her help.

'What are you goin' to do with this now, Miss Esther?'

'I want to plant it out in my garden. Won't it grow?'

Christopher answered evasively. 'These here purty little things is freaky,' said he. 'They has notions. Now the Sanguinaria likes just what it has got here; a little bit of rich soil, under shade of woods, and with covering of wet dead leaves for its roots. It's as dainty as a lady.'

'Sanguinaria?' said Esther. 'I call it bloodroot.'

'Sanguinaria canadensis. That's its name, Miss Esther.'

'Why isn't the other its name?'

'That's its nickname, you may say. Look here, Miss Esther,--here's the Hepatica for you.'

Esther sprang forward to where Christopher was softly pushing dead leaves and sticks from a little low bunch of purple flowers. She stretched out her hand wi

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The story of two people who find their way to faith and to each other.

I didn't much like Pitt's collection of stuffed animals for the purpose of display which included the bald eagle. That explains why there are so many endangered and extinct species today. And Esther seemed to think that she was too good to live in a little house on a poorer street. The people there weren't of her "class". That doesn't seem too charitable to me. Or how a Christian should act. Does she forget that Christ was a carpenter?