Chinese-Japanese Cook Book

Chinese-Japanese Cook Book


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Chinese-Japanese Cook Book by Onoto Watanna







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Chinese-Japanese Cook Book


(1 Review)
In this book the authors make it possible to serve on home tables the food hitherto obtainable only at Chop Sueys and Mandarin Inns. They also introduce to us the best Japanese dishes and delicacies.

Book Excerpt

longer. Thicken with cornstarch or Quong Sang Chong, and serve with rice.


One teaspoonful of peanut oil; two eggs; one tablespoonful of cold water; one tablespoonful of chopped lobster meat; salt and pepper.

Use small frying pan and put into it a tablespoonful of peanut oil. Heat it. Now beat two eggs with a tablespoonful of cold water. Pour half in the pan. Have ready the cooked lobster, broken into small pieces. Quickly pour in the other half of beaten eggs, and cook slowly for five minutes. Slip off pan without breaking, and make two or three more omelettes in exactly the same way, or have several small frying pans and cook all at once, serving one omelette on top of another in a hot water-heated platter.


Two pounds of fish; one pint of vinegar; one pint of water; four red peppers; one tablespoonful of salt; one teaspoonful of sugar.

Any white fish can be used that is large enough to slice. Wash the fish, then wipe dry and lay it

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