My Hundred Million Dollar Secret

My Hundred Million Dollar Secret


(3 Reviews)
My Hundred Million Dollar Secret by David Weinberger







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My Hundred Million Dollar Secret


(3 Reviews)
Jake is a nice boy. You can tell because he says so. But even a nice boy can get awfully confused when he wins $100,000,000 in the lottery ... and can't tell anyone about it.

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because I really care about the word "stink" but because it's my obligation as an older brother to be as annoying as possible. But her markers really did stink. The yellow stank like old bananas, the brown like fake chocolate, the red like cherry-flavored cough medicine. Her markers really stank. Plus, they didn't draw very well.

"If you get a single dot on anything except the paper, I'm the one who'll be blamed. And I'll take it out on you," I promised. I got down the marker set and, holding it just out of her reach, added, "Want them?"

"Yes, I just said that." She grabbed for them but I was faster.

"Want them? Want them?" Oh, I was being a real jerk.

"I'll be careful" she pleaded, trying to jump up to reach the markers.

"I know you will. But when five-year-olds are careful, somehow the rug ends up with marker marks in it."

"Let me use them!"

"Nope. I'm not going to take the blame for when you make a mistake and write your name on the rug."



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Good book.

Though it's my first book written in English I've read, it proved to be quite interesting.

Language is rather comprehensible for English as a second language learners of Intermediate level.
I guess this might be a cute story for kids, but as an adult I found many elements of this story so unbelievable that it was distracting.
a good read, if not a bit short.. the language is funny and witty and the story is warmhearted. I felt good after reading this story.
Tom Strelich - A Hilarious Dystopian Read
FEATURED AUTHOR - Strelich was born into a family of professional wrestlers and raised in Bakersfield, California, and his writing career began on a dare from a theatre director. Strelich has written multiple award-winning plays, and has one screen credit, Out There (Showtime). His novels include, Dog Logic (loosely based on the play -- same setting, same characters, epically different story) and Water Memory (Dog Logic sequel). As our Author of the Day, Strelich tells us all about Water Memory.