Patty Fairfield

Patty Fairfield


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Patty Fairfield by Carolyn Wells





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Patty Fairfield


(3 Reviews)

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ough the country at such break-neck speed.

"It's like the enchanted carpet, isn't it, Miss Powers?" she said, as they slid through a thick grove and then out into the sunshine again.

"What is? what carpet?" asked Miss Powers, looking down at the floor of the car.

"Oh, not a real carpet," said Patty, politely repressing a smile at the elder lady's ignorance of fairy-lore. "I mean, for us to go scooting along so fast is like the travelers on the magicians" carpet. Don't you know, the carpet would move of itself wherever he told it to."

"H'm," commented Miss Powers, "that would be a good kind of a carpet to have at housecleaning time, wouldn't it?"

This prosaic disposition of the magic carpet quite shocked Patty, but she adapted herself to the idea, and said, "Yes, indeed; you could just say, 'Carpet, get up and go out and hang yourself on the clothes-line, and then shake yourself well and come back again,'--oh, that would be convenient."

Miss Powers smiled in an absent-


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This sweet girls' story teaches life lessons in a blatant, but palatable way.

While her father prepares for their permanent move North, motherless, 14-year-old Patty Fairfield leaves her native Virginia for a year-long series of visits to relations she's never before met: the boastfully materialistic St. Clairs in New Jersey; the busy, bookish Flemings in Boston; the fun but hurly-burly Barlows on Long Island; and the elegant Elliotts in another part of New Jersey.

I have always loved early 20th century girls' fiction, but just discovered the Patty Fairfield series. What a delight! Patty is midway between classics like Little Women and girls' series books such as the Stratemeyers; accessible yet with Carolyn Wells' trademark witty touch.

Recommended for anyone who loves classic children's stories filled with laughter and fun.
I have had this book since I was about 7 years old. I am now 42 and whenever I want to get away from all the craziness in this world -- I sit down and read it. I feel like a child again, when things were much simpler and I didn't have a care in the world! Love this book!