The Island of Doctor Moreau

The Island of Doctor Moreau


(9 Reviews)
The Island of Doctor Moreau by H. G. Wells









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The Island of Doctor Moreau


(9 Reviews)
Edward Prendick is shipwrecked in the Pacific. Rescued by Doctor Moreau's assistant he is taken to the doctor's island home where he discovers the doctor has been experimenting on the animal inhabitants of the island, creating bizarre proto-humans...

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hin, so that we bent towards one another and spared our words. I stood out against it with all my might, was rather for scuttling the boat and perishing together among the sharks that followed us; but when Helmar said that if his proposal was accepted we should have drink, the sailor came round to him.

I would not draw lots however, and in the night the sailor whispered to Helmar again and again, and I sat in the bows with my clasp-knife in my hand, though I doubt if I had the stuff in me to fight; and in the morning I agreed to Helmar's proposal, and we handed halfpence to find the odd man. The lot fell upon the sailor; but he was the strongest of us and would not abide by it, and attacked Helmar with his hands. They grappled together and almost stood up. I crawled along the boat to them, intending to help Helmar by grasping the sailor's leg; but the sailor stumbled with the swaying of the boat, and the two fell upon the gunwale and rolled overboard together. They sank like stones. I remember laughing


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I'm normally not a fan of Wells - the writing style is so ancient that I find it boring. This story, however, is better than others from the same period. You do have to ignore the completely the absurdity of silly science that is the premise, but beyond that it held my interest until the end.
The Island of Doctor Moreau portrays the consequences of Science without ethics. In this case it is early twentieth century vivesection.

While the storyline's consequences are purely fictional, the Reader should be reminded that vivesection was a reality of fringe scientific investigation in the period of history contemporary to Wells.

Not unlike the earlier creation of Dr. Frankenstein, Dr. Moreau's experiments fail and his creations ultimately are his doom.

This is a proven theme now due for updating. Perhaps the next version will see Science as unethical genetic experimentation, and Fiction being the monstrous consequences. Perhaps Jurassic Park is already the latter day Isle of Doctor Moreau.
one of the best books ever. the ideas
were so much fictional in a real way.
all the way, this book support the idea
that god created all, & made for everyone
a natural & insticts that never change
matter how science try to change it.

also, this book reveals that science
must be obligated to God laws

I was so much amused by reading such
a book for a genius like H.G. Wells
Good cautionary tale about the need for ethics in science. A shipwrecked man, Prendick, comes to an isolated island inhabited by scientific researcher Dr. Moreau and his assistant. He soon solves the mystery of the secret experiments done behind locked doors. Is he to be Moreau's next test subject? This book is filled with horrifying images, and will keep you thinking long after you finish the last page.