The Door in the Wall and Other Stories

The Door in the Wall and Other Stories


(3 Reviews)
The Door in the Wall and Other Stories by H. G. Wells





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The Door in the Wall and Other Stories


(3 Reviews)
The Door in the WallThe StarA Dream of ArmageddonThe ConeA Moonlight FableThe Diamond MakerThe Lord of the DynamosThe Country of the Blind

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I think. And one day he wandered.

He could not recall the particular neglect that enabled him to get away, nor the course he took among the West Kensington roads. All that had faded among the incurable blurs of memory. But the white wall and the green door stood out quite distinctly.

As his memory of that remote childish experience ran, he did at the very first sight of that door experience a peculiar emotion, an attraction, a desire to get to the door and open it and walk in.

And at the same time he had the clearest conviction that either it was unwise or it was wrong of him--he could not tell which--to yield to this attraction. He insisted upon it as a curious thing that he knew from the very beginning--unless memory has played him the queerest trick--that the door was unfastened, and that he could go in as he chose.

I seem to see the figure of that little boy, drawn and repelled. And it was very clear in his mind, too, though why it should be so was never explained, that his father would b

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I just couldn't get into these stories. The dialog is so long and drawn out that I found myself skipping and skimming until the end.
Country of the Blind is probably the best of the stories in this collection, but this lot is not representative of the quality of Wells' short work. The "country of the blind collection" contains some real gems; some of them, in my humble opinion, are masterpieces of the short story genre. Better to read that collection than this one.
There are a few stories here with a science fiction or a fantasy theme, but some are just regular fiction. The overall quality is ok, but three stories stand out as being very good: "The Door in the Wall", "The Star", and "The Country of the Blind". If you read these, it'll be well worth your time.
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