Zehru of Xollar

Zehru of Xollar


(2 Reviews)
Zehru of Xollar by Hal K. Wells







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Zehru of Xollar


(2 Reviews)
Three Earthlings are whisked on aninter-dimensional journey to the denof the Scientist Zehru.

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as no handicap to them. The swift certainty of their movements proved that they had a sense of sight of some kind that was in every way as efficient as eyesight.

Blake looked hurriedly around him, seeking a place where they might be at the best possible advantage in the impending battle. There was a small dense thicket of the spiky dead branches half a dozen yards to their right. At Blake's low command, the three made a dash for the thicket. Arriving there, they ranged themselves against it, with their backs at least partially protected from attack.

* * * * *

The maneuver seemed to puzzle the ape-things for a moment. They stood passively watching the retreat of the three until they had reached the thicket. Then the creatures again began slowly closing in upon them. Blake snatched up a dead branch from the ground near the thicket, and was delighted to find that its weight and tough fiber made it an excellent club.

He stripped off his topcoat and passed it back to Helen. Its tough fa

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An unearthly green beam snatches a husband, wife, and a common thug from a subway platform and transports them to a world so ghastly with creatures so horrible that they can only have names at the end of the alphabet. Faced with intergalactic evil and a friend's treachery, how can they ever survive the planet of the purple suns?
Well, it's science fiction in that any science in it is fictional--made up. The characters are all straight out of the box, with no additives. I didn't fall asleep, and the thug\'s vernacular was amusing.
This short story is a perfect example of the Sci-Fi written in the early 30\'s (and gives a view on that time's society ideals)with a very simple and straightforward plot.

The main characters are 1-dimensional: the good guys are very good (and lucky), the bad guys are wicked but in a most naïve way.

The women are merely decorative.

Not much science or technology in this story, but if you are looking for some innocent amusement it is worth the while. This would have made a great radio serial with a few sound effects and a organ playing in the background.
If you are able to keep in mind the time frame of when it was written, you will actually enjoy the innocence, fun and action in this piece.
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