Myths and Legends of China

Myths and Legends of China


(1 Review)
Myths and Legends of China by E. T. C. Werner







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Myths and Legends of China


(1 Review)
My aim, after summarizing the sociology of the Chinese as a prerequisite to the understanding of their ideas and sentiments, and dealing as fully as possible, consistently with limitations of space (limitations which have necessitated the presentation of a very large and intricate topic in a highly compressed form), with the philosophy of the subject, has been to set forth in English dress those myths which may be regarded as the accredited representatives of Chinese mythology--those which live in the minds of the people and are referred to most frequently in their literature, not those which are merely diverting without being typical or instructive--in short, a true, not a distorted image.

Book Excerpt


I. The Sociology of the Chinese

II. On Chinese Mythology

III. Cosmogony--P'an Ku and the Creation Myth

IV. The Gods of China

V. Myths of the Stars

VI. Myths of Thunder, Lightning, Wind, and Rain

VII. Myths of the Waters

VIII. Myths of Fire

IX. Myths of Epidemics, Medicine, Exorcism, Etc.

X. The Goddess of Mercy

XI. The Eight Immortals

XII. The Guardian of the Gate of Heaven

XIII. A Battle of the Gods

XIV. How the Monkey Became a God

XV. Fox Legends

XVI. Miscellaneous Legends

The Pronunciation of Chinese Words