The Chamber of Life

The Chamber of Life


(2 Reviews)
The Chamber of Life by Green Peyton





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The Chamber of Life


(2 Reviews)

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culous purity and freshness. Finally I stood up, light and conscious of a sudden grace, aware for the first time, in its departure, of the awkwardness and weight which ordinarily attend our movements on earth. It was as if some of the earth's gravity had been lost.

For a while I examined the valley, but I saw no sign of life there. Then I turned and went slowly up the hill, the sunlight falling warmly on my body, and my feet sinking sensuously in the deep grass.

* * * * *

When I came to the crest and looked over, I saw another valley before me, deeper than the first. The hill rolled away, down and down for miles, to a long, wide plain. More hills rose from the plain on every side, as simply as if they had been built there by the hand of some gigantic child playing in a wilderness of sand. And the river, coming around the base of the hill on which I was standing, but several miles away, swept out upon a great aqueduct of stone, hundreds of feet high, which crossed the plain through its ver

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(1929) Sci-fi (Machine induced dream world) / Short story

From Amazing Stories October 1929.

R: * * * *

Plot bullets

A man submits to an experiment with a dream machine.
The machine, The Chamber of Life, provides a realistic but futuristic view.
The man falls in love, in that dream world.
Does he have the power to circumvent the machine?

A guy "wakes up" one morning plunging into a lake. He has a hard time remembering how he got there, and what led up to it, but eventually he does. The reveleation is underwhelming.

Oh, and the title is idiotic.