Cogito, Ergo Sum

Cogito, Ergo Sum


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Cogito, Ergo Sum by John Foster West







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Cogito, Ergo Sum


(1 Review)
Are the Spirit and the Flesh one and the same thing? Or are they separate entities, dependent and at the same time independent of each other? Perhaps some great Cosmic Law holds this secret. But the one Universal Element that we can depend upon, apparently, is The Lucky Accident.A warped instant in Space--and two egos are separated from their bodies and lost in a lonely abyss.

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e power that grasped me and wrenched me, tearing me from the point in space I had occupied a moment before. My perception blurred, but I was not frightened. Without the Pat I did not care what happened. I was intensely curious. "So this is how it is," I reasoned in a flash, "to cease to be."

And I ceased to be....

* * * * *

Marlow shook his head. I must have dozed, he thought. He glanced at the chronometer on the console ahead. No, only a minute or two had elapsed since the last time he had checked.

"Sleepy head! Wake up and live!"

He looked to his right. Pat sat in the navigator's seat smiling at him.

"I didn't sleep, honestly," he protested. "We hit some sort of barrier back there. It knocked me out for a moment. I had the damnedest impression--"

"Remember what you promised!" She swiveled the seat about to face him. "No more scientific lectures on the mysteries of space or I'll return to earth. You know my poor brain can't absorb it."

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A well-done mystery. An entity of pure thought finds itself adrift in the universe. As it reasons, it finds names and symbols among the things it knows--names and symbols it had no way of knowing. Negative emotions begin to appear, again it doesn't know why. Driven by emotion and using its only tool--its reasoning--it tries to discover what it is and why.

The story is rare, in that it is not at all dated, and interesting to its end.