The Mystery of the Four Fingers

The Mystery of the Four Fingers


(3 Reviews)
The Mystery of the Four Fingers by Fred M. White







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The Mystery of the Four Fingers


(3 Reviews)
A fabulously rich gold mine in Mexico is known by the picturesque and mysterious name of The Four Fingers. It originally belonged to an Aztec tribe, and its location is known to one surviving descendant--a man possessing wonderful occult power. Should any person unlawfully discover its whereabouts, four of his fingers are mysteriously removed, and one by one returned to him. The appearance of the final fourth betokens his swift and violent death.Surprises, strange and startling, are concealed in every chapter of this completely engrossing detective story. The horrible fascination of the tragedy holds one in rapt attention to the end. And through it runs the thread of a curious love story.

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urally enough, for the other to give some explanation of his extraordinary statement, but Venner appeared to have forgotten all about Gurdon. He sat there shielding one side of his face, heedless of the attentions of the waiter, who proffered him food from time to time.

"Is that all you are going to tell me?" Gurdon asked at length.

"Upon my word, I am very sorry," Venner said. "But you will excuse me if I say nothing more at present. You can imagine what a shock this has been to me."

"Of course. I don't wish to be impertinent, old chap, but I presume that there has been some little misunderstanding--"

"Not in the least. There has been no misunderstanding whatever. I honestly believe that the woman over yonder is still just as passionately fond of me as I am of her. As you know, Gurdon, I never was much of a ladies' man; in fact, you fellows at Oxford used to chaff me because I was so ill at ease in the society of women. Usually a man like myself falls in love but once in his lifet


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No redeeming social value at all.

Could possibly serve students of creative writing as an example of how not to write a mystery novel.
Most uninteresting - nothing to capture the interest of the reader. I had downloaded it because it had a good rating.
NOTHING whatsoever in the book to recommend it.
This book is one of the favorites.

The mystery is very nice to read and its every chapter engrosseed me so much that i think that i read the bokk again and again!

This book must be recommed.

How Mark Fenwick manges to capute the cripple and the cripple's part is very intresting.
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