Many Dimensions

Many Dimensions


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Many Dimensions by Charles Williams







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Many Dimensions


(1 Review)
An evil antiquarian illegally purchases the fabled Stone of Suleiman from its Islamic guardian in Baghdad and returns to England to discover not only that the Stone can multiply itself infinitely without diminishing the original, but that it also allows its possessor to transcend the barriers of space and time. --Wikipedia

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ll ask me for proof." He paused. "And if you could give them proof, or if this Sir Giles would let them have it, do you think they would restore it to us?"

"Will you at least try, sir?" Ali asked.

"Why, no," the Ambassador answered. "No, I do not think I will even try. It is but the word of Hajji Ibrahim here. Had he not known of the treachery of his kinsmen and come to England by the same boat as Giles Tumulty we should have known very little of what had happened, and that vaguely. But as it is, we were warned of what you call the sacrilege, and now you have talked to him, and you are convinced. But what shall I say to the Foreign Minister? No; I do not think I will try."

"You do not believe it," the Hajji said. "You do not believe that this is the Crown of Suleiman or that Allah put a mystery into it when His Permission bestowed it on the King?"

The Ambassador considered. "I have known you a long while," he said thoughtfully, "and I will tell you what I believe. I know that your

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This is not a sci-fi story - it should be in the fantasy section.

Beginning with a wonderful premise, the story tumbles quickly downhill. After a few chapters I began skimming, and finally just gave up. There\'s simply too much verbiage, and too little action.

A mysterious stone lets men travel through time and space, but supposedly carries a curse to those who use it. Sounds interesting, but poorly implemented.