The Castle of the Shadows

The Castle of the Shadows


(3 Reviews)
The Castle of the Shadows by Alice Muriel Williamson







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The Castle of the Shadows


(3 Reviews)

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ghtness it had. Once beautiful, the old battlemented house had an air of proud desolation, as if scorning pity, since it could no longer win admiration.

"You would have to spend thousands of pounds in restoring this old ruin if you should really buy it, Virginia," said Lady Gardiner.

"Well, wouldn't it be worth while to spend them?" asked the girl. "I certainly----" She stopped in the midst of her sentence, a bright flush springing to her face; for turning a corner of the avenue which brought them close to the château, they came suddenly upon a young woman, dressed in black, who must have heard their last words.

Instantly George Trent had his hat in his hand, and before Virginia could speak he had dismounted and plunged into explanations. He begged pardon for the intrusion, and said that, as they had seen the announcement that the château was for sale, they had ventured to ride up in the hope of being allowed to see the house. As he spoke, in fairly good though rather laboured

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This is the most complete melodrama I have ever read
You can almost hear the audience hiss when the villain comes on stage.
The plot is completely transparent, the the characters are two dimensional puppets. But the whole thing hangs together as it's type
If you enjoy beautiful heroine is bravely casting themselves s in the face of danger and sgifty smirking villains you will enjoy this. If rali is you thong you will hate it.
A predictable, cliched plot line. Beautufl heiress loved by three different guys, a convicted man that later turns out to be innocent. It wasn't really worth reading at all. I'd say skip it and read something more worth your time.
Willful young heiress falls in love with young man in portrait. He's imprisoned on a devil's island for murder. There is plenty of action and suspense, and it's well written. You could figure out the ending pretty early on, but instead just sit back and enjoy.