The Princess Virginia

The Princess Virginia


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The Princess Virginia by Charles Norris Williamson, Alice Muriel Williamson





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The Princess Virginia


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Romance highly sweetened and garnished with crowns and jewels galore is "The Princess Virginia." The heroine is marvelously beautiful and immeasurably charming, endowed with high spirit, and also with intelligence. The daughter of a poverty-stricken princeling, negotiations are begun for her marriage with the young Emperor of Rhaetia, a paragon of manliness who had caught her fancy years before. However, when she learns that the Chancellors had begun proceedings looking toward a proposal she revolts -- if she could win his love for herself she would consider the proposal, but not otherwise!

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as soon as the ladies were once more alone together in the sweet-scented garden, she broke the crown-stamped seal of her son Adalbert, now by adoption Crown Prince of Hungaria.

"Open the others for me, dear," she demanded, excitedly, "while I see what Dal has to say." And Virginia leisurely obeyed, wondering whether Dal's news would by-and-by be passed on to her. It was always an event when a long letter came from him; and the Grand Duchess invariably laughed and exclaimed, and sometimes blushed as she read; but when she blushed, the letter was not given to the Crown Prince's sister.

There was a note to-day from an old friend of her mother's of whom Virginia was fond, and she had just begun to be interested in the third paragraph, all about an adorable Dandy Dinmont puppy, when an odd, half-stifled ejaculation from the Grand Duchess made the girl lift her eyes.

"Has Dal been having something beyond the common in the way of adventures?" she inquired dryly.

Her mother did not answer

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