The Pygmy Planet

The Pygmy Planet


(3 Reviews)
The Pygmy Planet by Jack Williamson







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The Pygmy Planet


(3 Reviews)
Down into the infinitely small goes Larry on his mission to the Pygmy Planet.

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atus, but it is too wonderful to be destroyed. And besides, Dr. Whiting may have escaped. He may be alive there, in the deserts!"

"We might fly up, in the little plane," Larry proposed, doubtfully. "I think I could pilot it. If you want--"

The girl's body stiffened. Her brown eyes widened with sudden dread, and her small face went pale. She slipped quickly from the stool, drawing in her breath with a sort of gasp. The hand that gripped the automatic trembled a little.

"What's the matter?" Larry cried.

"I thought--" she gasped, "I think I see something in the ray! The machine-monster is coming back!"

Her lips tightened. She lifted the little automatic and began to shoot into the pillar of crimson fire beside the tiny, spinning globe.

Larry, watching tensely, saw a curious, bird-like something fluttering about in the red ray, swiftly growing larger!

Deliberately, and pausing to aim carefully for each shot, the girl emptied the little gun at the figure. H

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A fairly entertaining story, though the "meat" of it doesn't last long and the ending is a quick let-down. Follow along as our hero rescues a damsel in distress from cyborgs on a shrunken planet.
A story from 1932. Larry works for an ad agency but yearns for adventure. He gets a cryptic phone call from a babe he can barely remember, and rushes to her boss's laboratory to rescue her. He finds a tiny planet made up of miniaturized atoms suspended in mid-air . . . reducing and enlarging rays . . . horrible cyborg creatures . . . kidnapped babe . . . miniature plane . . . etc.

Pure pulp adventure, with duty, honor, and romance. Better than most of its type, don't expect a lot of science, just mysterious rays and smoke and mirrors.
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The days of the eccentric scientist and his/her private lab are in full bloom. He has created a pygmy planet to study evolution. He even constructed a tiny plane to fly to the planet which can be used for exploration after everyone and the plane gets totally shrunk down by his machine. Unfortunately the planet has become populated by nasty flying crystal and metal beings who want to sacrifice humans to their god-who happens to be an ancient steam hammer! Oy! how to free the damsel and return to earth before she is squished.....

Pulp, pulp, pulp. Fun if you like it.