Planet of the Gods

Planet of the Gods


(3 Reviews)
Planet of the Gods by Robert Moore Williams







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Planet of the Gods


(3 Reviews)
Two planets circling Vega! But a more amazing discovery waited the explorers when they landed!

Book Excerpt

unching into the machinery at its heart.

The sphere shuddered under the impact. It turned. Light spewed out of it, beaming viciously into this alien sky without direction. Smoke boiled from the ball. Turning it seemed to roll along the sky. It looked like a huge burning snowball rolling down some vast hill.

Ron Val lifted a white face from the sighting 'scope of the negatron.

"Did--did I get him?"

"I'll say you did!" Hargraves heard somebody shout exultantly. He was surprised to discover his own voice was doing the shouting. The sphere was finished, done for. It was out of the fight, rolling down the vast hill of the sky, it would smash on the planet below.

They were following it.

There was still no answer from the engine room.

"Space suits!" Hargraves ordered. "Nielson, you stay here. Ron Val, you others, come with me."


Vegan World

The engine room was crammed to the roof with machiner

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Mediocre at best. As other reviewers have said - nothing new here.

Explorers from Earth find an advanced race on another planet that turn out to be the origin of the human race.
An okay first contact story, variations of which you've probably read before. The third interstellar mission, to Vega this time, is attacked by a mysterious sphere, which they destroy, but not after being severely damaged. They land, bury their dead, and set about repairing their ship when four telepathic aliens pop up and pass the time. And so on.

Everybody, including the aliens, is male. I guess the womenfolk had chores. At the conclusion of the story, it's hard to understand why the aliens acted as they did. The characterizations were bland, and the descriptions were adequate.
(1942) Sci-fi (Alien World) / Adventure

From 'Amazing Stories' December 1942.

R: ****

Plot bullets

A spaceship, surveying a planet, is attacked by an automated defense mechanism in the form of a sphere.
The sphere is defeated, but there are lives lost and damage to the ship. They land for repairs.
There are humanoid life forms on the planet.
The people of this planet appear to be non-aggressive and can communicate using telepathy.
These people seem to want to help, but the ship and the lives of the remaining crew are at risk, if they are false.
The dead are buried and repairs started. Now the amazing part of this venture has just begun.