Banjo Strings

Banjo Strings


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Banjo Strings by Larry Winfield







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Banjo Strings


(3 Reviews)
Banjo Strings is an epic and graphic tale of antebellum ghosts, supernatural spies, and a den of iniquity amid the Red Maple and Magnolia trees.

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a panic, scrambling to her feet. Heart pounding, she took the dress off, wiped the blood from her face, then tossed it on Franklin's exposed crotch. She found a plain yellow dress in mistress' wardrobe and put it on, panic clawing at her fingers as she struggled with the buttons. The other Stonehill brothers were just downstairs, any of them could come up any moment to join Franklin in "gittin' some high yella nigger juice...." Annie spent a long minute biting down on her terror, remembering the advice of Old Ruth: "If you ever wind up havin' to kill some damn white boy cause he won't leave you alone, only two things you can do. Run, and don't stop. If you can't run, child, use this..." And Old Ruth reached into her bosom and took out a small leather pouch, inside was a single-shot pistol and five bullets. "If it comes down to it, save the last one for yourself, child..." The pistol, hers now that Old Ruth passed over last year, was back at the cabin, hidden underneath.

She moved steadily, walking fas

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While this book starts out rather modern, it moves to something more of a supernatural and science fictiony setting that's closer to what you'd find in a comic book rather than a modern ghost story. The characters are okay, though the story gets muddled by not being very clear about who's doing what during action scenes.

It also seems that there are a lot of sex scenes in this book. While the sex scenes are okay, they don't add much particularly and I might say even take some from the overall rather good piece... even to the point where it feels like some sort of juvenile wish fulfillment.

For example, there's a scene where one of the ghosts communicates with a woman through a sex dream of sorts, even though he's perfectly capable of just materializing. He even makes his penis grow magically by three inches in the same scene... for no particular reason other than sexual gratification.

There are also elements of the story that are odd. For example, there are networked members of the community who help the ghost, but they randomly pop in and out or sometimes just show up once and are never mentioned again.

The ghosts also seem to work more like superheroes or some sort of grand intelligence rather than ghosts as we know them.

Use of colloquialisms and jargon is smooth, but the funny bit is how they mix Brits and African American characters, but don't feature nearly enough purely "good" Anglo-American or otherwise characters, though that might just be nit picking on my part.

On the whole I would recommend it.

Read it, it's definitely good enough, though don't believe it's going to be some sort of masterpiece, because it really isn't.

Kind of more like the script for a great comic book or HBO series or something similar and mostly just OKAY-ISH readingwise.