The Whispering Spheres

The Whispering Spheres


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The Whispering Spheres by Russell Robert Winterbotham







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The Whispering Spheres


(1 Review)
An alien life-form--metallic, sinister--threatening all mankind with annihilation. (This etext was produced from Comet, July 1941. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.)

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the legs. Norden kicked him aside.

"Keep moving!" Taylor ordered Norden, who had halted.

Norden did not move.

Taylor swung his fist. The blow connected and the officer caught the falling man, swung him over his shoulder, then turned to the cringing Orkins.

"If you don't want to be left here alone, follow us," he said.

Orkins suddenly regained his ability to use his muscles.

Masters, watching over his shoulder, chuckled. There was a faint wink of one eye visible in the moonlight.

"Kinda screwy, ain't he?" he said, jerking his head in Orkins' direction.

"I don't know that I blame him, much," Taylor said. "Look at the plant."

Over the roof and the smokestacks floated the yellowish-red ball of fire. Another sphere was emerging from the hole in the roof.

"What are they? A new kind of bomb?" Masters asked.

"Norden's bomb never had a chance. Compared with what actually happened in there, a bomb would have been a picnic. There's not a livin

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Published 5 months before the U.S entered WWII, this story is set in an arms factory run by the military which makes cannons for an apparently endless war. A soldier is called a Doughboy, the spy talks about the Fatherland, etc. What starts out as a spy story turns all science-fictiony when mysterious energy aliens appear and start killing people.

Everyone in the story is male. The aliens are eventually explained, which is nice. It's '40s pulp, don't expect a lot of depth of characterization. Reading the story did not harm me in any way.
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