Robots of the World! Arise!

Robots of the World! Arise!


(3 Reviews)
Robots of the World! Arise! by Mari Wolf





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Robots of the World! Arise!


(3 Reviews)
What would you do if your best robots—children of your own brain—walked up and said "We want union scale"?

Book Excerpt

g derricks and trucks...."

I laughed a bit hollowly. I'd had that idea too.

"Of course they wouldn't suspect," I said. "We'd just walk up to them, carefully thinking about something else."

"Robots aren't suspicious," Jack said. "They're made to obey orders."

I refrained from mentioning that ours didn't seem to know that, and that running around Carron City fomenting a rebellion was hardly the trait of an obedient, trusting servant. Instead, I stood back and let them plan their roundup.

"We'll get some men," the Chief said, "and some grappling equipment about halfway to the city."

* * * * *

Luckily they decided against my trying to persuade the robots, because I knew well enough that I couldn't do it. Jack's idea sounded pretty good, though. He suggested that we send some spokesman who didn't know what we planned to do and thus couldn't alarm them. Some ordinary man without too much imagination. That was easy. We picked one of Chief Dalton's sergeants.


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(1952) Sci-fi (Robot Rebellion) / Humor

From 'If Worlds of Science Fiction' July 1952.

R: ****

Plot bullets

There are no robots on the manufacturing line.
There are no robots at domestic positions.
They are on strike.
One man hopes he can conduct negotiations.

Unfortunately, that last improvement in robot brains had the side-effect of making the 5-Types telepathic--among themselves, and among humans. So they picked up thoughts on how robots were regarded, as well as the odd thoughts about freedom and equality. They did the only logical thing.

Oddly, I found the robots Jerry and Rob more original and sympathetic than any of the human beings. The plotting was interesting, with the resolution of the conflict coming out of left field, but making perfect sense.
A group of telepathic robots convince others to unite and strike for wages to avoid exploitation by the humans they serve.
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