More Jonathan Papers

More Jonathan Papers


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More Jonathan Papers by Elisabeth Woodbridge Morris





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More Jonathan Papers


(1 Review)

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ough the paper that he has dropped or watch the landscape until he reaches a certain stage of calm and definite pessimism, when he says, "I must have pulled them out when I took out those postcards in the other car. Yes, that's just what has happened." Then, the conductor being only a few seats away, I beg Jonathan to look once more in his vest pocket, where he always puts them. To oblige me he looks, though without faith, and lo! this time the tickets fairly fling themselves upon him, with smiles almost curling up their corners. Does the brownie travel with us, then?

I begin to suspect that some of the good men who have been blamed for forgetting to mail letters in their pockets have been, not indeed blameless, but at least misunderstood. Probably they do not forget. Probably they hunt for the letters and cannot find them, and conclude that they have already mailed them.

In the matter of the home haystacks Jonathan's confidence in himself has at last been shaken. For a long time, when he return

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() Humor (Husband/Wife), Essay, Feel Good
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Jonathan is a husband.
Jonathan is a good husband.
But as all husbands are, he has his quirks.
Both husband and wife love their farm and each other.
Life on a farm is rewarding and yes, sometimes funny.

This is a sequel to 'The Jonathan Papers'.

No preaching on politics, religion. Just an entertaining essay of
the joys of nature, farm and married life.

Reminiscent of the stories of David Grayson, like: Adventures In Contentment
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