Snake and Sword

Snake and Sword
A Novel


(1 Review)
Snake and Sword by Percival Christopher Wren







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Snake and Sword
A Novel


(1 Review)
"An interesting story, as well written as it is unusual. The author knows India, apparently knows the British army as well, and blends his knowledge into the background of a thoroughly readable table... He gives us a collection of exciting incidents and some good pictures of various kinds of life."--New York Times

Book Excerpt

poor motherless lamb Dam, Sir," she answered with restraint.

"Then call him Dummy! Good morning, Nurse," snapped the Colonel.

As she turned to go, with a bitter sigh, she asked in the hopeless tone of one who knows the waste of words:--

"You will not repent--I mean relent--and come to the christening of your only son this afternoon, Sir?"

"Good morning, Nurse," observed Colonel Matthew Devon de Warrenne, and resumed his hurried pacing of the verandah.

* * * * *

It is not enough that a man love his wife dearly and hold her the sweetest, fairest, and best of women--he should tell her so, morning and night.

There is a proverb (the unwisdom of many and the poor wit of one) that says Actions speak louder than Words. Whether this is the most untrustworthy of an untrustworthy class of generalizations is debateable.

Anyhow, let no husband or lover believe it. Vain are the deeds of dumb devotion, the unwearying forethought, the tender c

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I read this book when I was eleven and keep searching for it to my library. A Dam (no pun intended)good read.
PC Wren knows what he is about calling an Indian town Bimariabad (literally Fever-land!)Wish many books had more of his works like the Beau Seires.
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