The God in the Box

The God in the Box


(3 Reviews)
The God in the Box by Sewell Peaslee Wright





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The God in the Box


(3 Reviews)
In the course of his Special Patrol duties Commander John Hanson resolves the unique and poignant mystery of "toma annerson."

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could not be outdone in courtesy by this kindly Strobian.

"I am John Hanson," I told him, "Commander of the Special Patrol Service ship Ertak. This is Avery Hendricks, my third officer."

"Much of that," said Artur slowly, "I do not understand. But I am greatly honored." He bowed again, first to me, and then to Hendricks, who was staring at me in utter amazement. "You will come with us now, to the Place?" Artur added.

I considered swiftly, and turned to Hendricks.

"This is too interesting to miss," I said in an undertone. "Send the escort back with word for Mr. Correy that these people are very friendly, and we are going on into the city. Let three men remain with us. We will keep in communication with the ship by menore."

* * * * *

Hendricks gave the necessary orders, and all our escort, save for three men, did a brisk about face and marched back to the ship. The five of us, conducted by Artur, started for the city, the rest of the procession falling in behin

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In a word - shallow. Not much to this story, folks, either in plot or character. There are much worse writings out there, but you'll feel a bit empty when you reach the end of this one.
This is a first-contact hey-wait-a-minute-who-got-here-before-us story with no women to distract the guys doing Man Stuff. It's okay, but the explorers are a little free with their use of atomic weapons.
Before reading this I was completely unfamiliar with Sewell Peaslee Wright, and now I have sought out and downloaded everything I can find that was written by him. He was a master science fiction/adventure writer, and "The God in the Box" is just one fine example of his page-turner style.

In fact, he wrote an entire series of stories based on the main character in "The God in the Box," all of them written when John Hanson was an old man and chronicling the adventures of his youth in the Special Patrol Service.

You'll enjoy this one, and others by Wright. He's articulate, has great plots and keeps the story moving.