Membership Drive

Membership Drive


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Membership Drive by Murray F. Yaco





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Membership Drive


(3 Reviews)
Want to join our secret organization? Well, first you have to pass the tests.

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o the ship in a staff car. Beemish and several others were on hand to see him off. He shook hands all around--a custom which amused him immensely, since the same act meant something tremendously different in most other parts of the universe.

Back in the ship, he walked to his cabin, stripped off his clothes, showered, ate, dressed again. Going into the control room, he checked a number of detectors, found no evidence that any Blues were hunting for him, left the control room and walked back to a supply room.

Here, he selected a plastic vacuum solenoid from a rack, hefted it in one hand for a moment, then deliberately let it drop to the floor. He picked it up, squinted at it, then walked out to the airlock.

General Beemish was delighted. Everyone was delighted. "No trouble at all," said Beemish, who had already made a phone call that had galvanized two thousand scientists and technicians into action. "We'll have it for you in no time."

"I certainly hope so," said Keeter. Some of the

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I kind of liked this story, even though I had pretty much figured out what was going to happen before the end. It's well written, and not necessarily all that far-fetched (ok, some of it is).

An alien drops in on Earth, and the Earthlings fall all over themselves trying to please him.
A lone alien (very humanoid) lands in Washington D.C., but instead of welcoming Earth to the Interstellar Empire, he apologizes for mistakingly landing due to computer error. The Earthlings fall all over themselves trying to prove they are good enough to qualify for the Empire.

There's a twist at the end. The plot is kind of contrived, and the only woman in the story is literally a sex object.
Is it possible that our esteemed lawmakers in Washington can be conned by a smooth patter and a nice suit worn by an alien? Guess, (but you already know, right?) as this fun first contact story unfolds.