That Stick

That Stick


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That Stick by Charlotte Mary Yonge





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That Stick


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low. We shall all be lords and ladies, and ever so rich.'

'Hold hard!' said Herbert, who had got possession of the letter. 'He doesn't say so.'

'He'll be nasty and mean, I daresay,' said Ida. 'What does he say? I hadn't time to see.'

Herbert read from the neat, formal, distinct writing: "I do not yet know what is in my power, nor what means I may be able to command; but I hope to make your position more comfortable and to give my nephew and nieces a really superior education. You had better, however, not take any steps till you hear from me again." There, Ida, lots of schooling, that's all.'

'Nonsense, Bertie; he must--if he is a lord, what are we?'

Hunger postponed this great question for a little while; but dinner had been delayed till the afternoon school hour had passed, and indeed the young people agreed that they were far above going to their present teachers any more.

'We must acquire a few accomplishments,' said Ida. 'Uncle never would afford me lessons on th

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