The Big Bow Mystery

The Big Bow Mystery


(4 Reviews)
The Big Bow Mystery by Israel Zangwill







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The Big Bow Mystery


(4 Reviews)
One of the earliest "locked room" mysteries. All of the clues are in the story -- but you'll be surpised by the ending!

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and, illogically enough, his presence in the street gave Mrs. Drabdump a curious sense of security, as of a believer living under the shadow of the fane. That any human being of ill-odor should consciously come within a mile of the scent of so famous a sleuth-hound seemed to her highly improbable. Grodman had retired (with a competence) and was only a sleeping dog now; still, even criminals would have sense enough to let him lie.

So Mrs. Drabdump did not really feel that there had been any danger, especially as a second glance at the street door showed that Mortlake had been thoughtful enough to slip the loop that held back the bolt of the big lock. She allowed herself another throb of sympathy for the labor leader whirling on his dreary way toward Devonport Dockyard. Not that he had told her anything of his journey beyond the town; but she knew Devonport had a Dockyard because Jessie Dymond--Tom's sweetheart--once mentioned that her aunt lived near there, and it lay on the surface that Tom had gone t

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A really good and reportedly, one of the earliest in the locked door mystery genre. I liked the humorous style of writing and the characters involved. Don't miss this one if you like to curl up with a good locked door mystery.
A good early locked room mystery, written in a very humorous, satirical style. The author had an interest in the social issues of his day. Recommended.
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