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-Alan D Hopewell

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I was twelve when I first read this (1968), and was first drawn to the fact that the character and I shared a name, right down to the spelling.

Also, Alan's struggles to be free moved me, and the wonder of the story itself stuck with me.

"Twinkle, twinkle, golden star
I can see you, though you're far...."
A. L. Whyte - Societies, Superior Science and Moral Values
FEATURED AUTHOR - A.L. Whyte lives in Northern California. He is a performer that set aside his acting career around 2010 to make more time for his family: prior to that he had performed for Nickelodeon, Universal Studios, Image Films, Toyota, Apple and ILM, as well as semi-professional companies around Orlando, Florida and the Bay Area. He has written and published poetry and re-writes for Universal Studios stage productions. His derivative of Harry Nilsson's, 'Land of Point' is registered at the Library of… Read more