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This is vintage G. K. Chesterton. I am surprised by how few people seem to mention -or perhaps recognize- that this is a humorous novel, and typical for him, quite a witty book. Honestly, I prefer to re-read it in solitude, so I can give in to laughing aloud. The attentive reader will find it no surprise that GKC was a fairly talented artist with pen and ink and chalks, as witnessed by his vivid images and descriptions. His world, and thus his words, are very full of color and visual detail. That he was also a prolific poet is shown by his verifiers ear for rhythm and word-sounds. A mastery of paradox is a Chesterton trademark, and on display here, too.

Allegory becomes more important in the second half of the book, and can be best appreciated by recalling the reference to dreams in the full title. There is no reason to let it put you off or stop you from reading and enjoying this book. I think it is all part of GKC asking you to come and play! This quality is a large part of his endearing and durable charm.

The plots twists and turns delightfully. This is an author who keeps story-telling in mind. It can be a rapid read, but at many points it is worth your while to slow down or even pause to consider GKC\\\'s remarkable way of looking at the world, and to appreciate this unique voice.