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Cheryl’s book reviews

Good short story collection by Kathleen Norris. The title story is very good, and all of the stories showcase the author's ability to create characters that seem real.
Each of the short stories in this collection deals with a critical moment in a person's life, a turning point or "high tide" that changes things. I liked some stories better than others. It's a quick read for those who don't have the time to read a full-length novel.
Very descriptive short story about a family getting through a winter of very low temperatures. Good psychological study on the effects of extreme weather on people. The writing is such that I could feel the biting cold as though I were there with them. Recommended.
This starts out as a love story, but then turns into something gruesome. Fans of the book "Carmilla" will enjoy this novella.
Kendric visits his reclusive uncle and finds that the uncle had raised his son (Rayel) in total silence to bring about an ability to read people's minds. When the uncle dies, Kendric becomes adult Rayel's guardian and introduces him to the world outside his isolated existence. Rayel's reactions to a less than innocent world, and people's reactions to his ESP are what make up the plot of the book.

This book was too short. There are some interesting ideas in the book, but the author should've took more time to develop his characters. A quick, OK read.
This is the casebook of a man who investigates mysteries that have a seemingly supernatural cause. Each case is interesting, as the detective searches for a logical explanation to the mystery. The writing is fast-paced and holds your attention.
I just couldn't finish this book. I thought it had poorly developed characters, too much narration, and not enough actual dialogue. I really didn't care what happened to any of the characters. I have read all of Jane Austen's works written after this one, and have enjoyed nearly all of them. This book didn't seem up to Austen's usual level of writing skill. Dialogue is what she excells in, but it's nearly left out altogether here. Seems like more of a first draft of a novel.
Good, not overly- sentimental story of a young orphan girl and her doll Honey-Sweet. We first meet her as she's abandoned on a ship bound for Europe by her uncle, who's hiding from the police. From there, she's "adopted" by a kind woman and has a nice life for awhile, but it's not meant to last.

Not too tragic, but not too unrealistically sunny. This orphan girl is someone you can care about. I think that both children and adults will enjoy this book.
Great title, but I thought this SF short story was boring. It's nothing more than a dull philosophical discussion between two aliens exploring a post-apocalyptic earth.