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Cheryl’s book reviews

Interesting self-help book about maintaining a healthy marriage relationship. The advice is good and feels very contemporary, even though the book was written a hundred years ago.
Excellent Victorian sensation novel. It's full of intrigue and scheming, as a disinherited scoundrel and his mercenery friend plot to take over the family fortune. The novel also has interesting subplots involving secondary characters that are all connected to the main story. If you enjoyed " Lady Audley's Secret" or "The Eustace Diamonds", you'll enjoy this book.
Well-written collection of short stories. Each one contains a mystery and a romantic involvement in the plot, and some have a twist ending. The title story is very good, in my opinion, Recommended.
Sweet children's story with an underlying Christian message. Full of adventure and wonderful characters.
This pulp adventure tale was good, with many vivid and exciting scenes.The only thing that spoils the fun is the rather abrupt ending. The action of the final scene takes place off-stage, with only the aftermath related by the hero in the end. If you like the Indiana Jones movies, or the recent remake of "The Mummy", you might want to give this book a try. Just be prepared for an abrupt ending.
Too long, melodramatic romance novel. The characters weren't well- developed, so I had a hard time caring what happened to any of them.

The story centers on a young woman who runs away from her captors in London and hides out on nearby Sark island. After gravely injuring herself there, a young doctor is brought to the island to restore her health. He falls in love with her, but unfortunately the doctor is engaged to be married - hence the "doctor's dilema". Which woman will he choose?

Excellent gothic novel by Le Fanu. It is dark, creepy, and suspenseful. Both the plot and the characters - especially the villians - are fully developed and really pull you in to the story. In my opinion, this book is the author's best, and one of the best in the gothic genre. Enjoy!
Weak gothic novel by J. Sheridan le Fanu. It seemed rushed and more of a sketch for a future novel. Quite a few of the elements of le Fanu's novel "Uncle Silas" were in this novel. However, I feel that "Uncle Silas" is far superior and should be read instead of this.
Wacky but fun short story about a mad scientist's invention of an anti-gravity machine. If you like watching old, low-budget sci-fi movies, you'll probably like this story.
Gruesome horror story about an English explorer in the African jungle. It was unique, and it held my interest.
 Adam Nicholls & Jay Nadal - Private Eyes, Detectives and Psych Thrillers
FEATURED AUTHOR -  Adam Nicholls grew up in the southwest of England, where he studied creative writing while working a variety of full-time jobs. When his Mason Black series was first published, he quickly became a bestseller and then went on to create a name for himself in the thriller genre. Adam now lives with his wife in Bristol.