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Dicu’s book reviews

I think the publishers of this book should be ashamed of themselves.
In short: this is the first time I am writing a review of a book and it is only because I actually gave this book a chance- based on rating. So I decided to help out..It is by far the worste crap that ever tricked me into reading 30 pages of it. A horrible waste of time and honestly I feel dirty having read even the first chapter.

In detail:
It is not scientifical and it is not even literature, the authors simply write judgements declaring their opinion as a fact based on no argument or logic:
"It was no accident that "Ish ka bibble" was invented by the Hebrew. For this race has proportionately more fat people in it than any other and fat people just naturally believe worry is useless. But the fat man gets this philosophy from the same source that gives him most of his other traits—his predominating system."
what kind of connection is there between being jewish or fat or not worrying and based on what? Btw latest study shows America and Germany are place 1 overweight and its all caused by junk food commercialism at young age.

"Chubby gets into the parlor and passes a few of her sunny remarks"- is chubby also a medical term? because I'll tell you this: I do know "fat" worried, interesting and great conversationalists, who do not tell only jokes and do not eat large meals- unbelievable, I got really mad after the 5th paragraph rambling on how despicable fat people-"they" are how "we" should be aware of how to judge them on first sight.
And then we wonder how come Musollini and Hitler came to power..

This book should not be offered, not even for free, because its garbage propaganda which teaches people how to hate.
We should be learning how to understand and accept the "other" because in the end we are all human material who want the same, love, food appreciation- and this is scientific (Maslow). All that differentiates us are experienced events and which side of personalities our experiences shape. There is nothing alien about a fat man and we should definately not believe there is any science to labeling people out of insecurity or serious childhood trauma I can only imagine Ms. Elsie Benedict& co must have had.