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I love to read fantasy books whenever I can get my hands on them when I have some free time. I also love to draw, sketch, or color in my free time as well. I love to play games on the computer but I am not always allowed to.

Kyra’s book reviews

I loved this book and wish I could read more just like it.
D.W. Gillespie - Creepy Horror Featuring Toys
FEATURED AUTHOR - D.W. Gillespie hails from parts unknown in the dark woods of Tennessee. Supported by his wife and two feral children, he spends most days hunkered over a vintage typewriter he found in a smoking crater deep within the forest primeval. Bearded and muttering, he writes tales to terrify by the light of a kerosene lamp. As our Author of the Day, Gillespie tells us all about his book, The Toy Thief. Please give us a short introduction to what The Toy Thief is about. The Toy Thief is the story of… Read more