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A good read if a little american-centric. Edison it appears can turn his hand to anything. But despite this and some what would be dodgy science now, it's not a bad read.

His other book Columbus of Space is probably a better read.

Not for the purists but it is a good escapist read.
I give this a rating of 5 stars because it\\\'s a real page-turner right until the end. The suspicion of who the murderer is shifts through the story, and the supernatural element just adds to the mystery.

I tried to solve the mystery but got it totally wrong as my chief suspect was in fact innocent.

This is not the sort of book I normally read, but I recommend this book to anyone.
This was a good story, the only problem was that it was the Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven wrapped in a fantasy world. The descriptions of combat and limbs being hacked and people being disembowelled does get a bit repetitive.

It was an absorbing read none-the-less, and it was a good page-turner. The characters were well developed and did invoke some sympathy for the characters.

Because it was too similar to the 7 Samuarai and the Magnificent 7, I can only give this four stars. Still a recommended read.
If you ignore the changed political landscape and some of the holes in the science, it's an excellent story. It grips you from the start and doesn't let go until the end.
This is a good story of the hollow earth genre. It's a bit wordy in parts, but the story is good and explores the mysteries of the occult, theosophy and science and their relationships.

The only thing that was annoying was the Irish accent used by one of the characters. Otherwise a good read and one that I'll definitely pick up again in the future!
Wow! This is a book that is outside of my normal reading comfort-zone (I normally read Science fiction and historical fiction) and although the plot was a little predictable in parts the twists and turns of the storyline make this a a real page turner. The twist at the very ending was a complete suprise. I thoroughly recommend this book.
This is an odd story, that has a certain something. Some of the storyline is a bit contrived, but it's still a thorough enjoyable story.
Not my normal kind of book, but it was very engaging and enjoyable. Well written with a few surprises along the way. It's a good book for a long journey!