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mei’s book reviews

This story is about a young couple, Ned and Letty Childers, that live a bit secluded. On Chrismas Eve Ned needs to keep a lot of money from his employer in his home. Ned has to go back to work that evening and has to leave her all alone alone with the money, because the wheather is to bad for them to ask someone to come over and stay with her. During the evening the wheather gets even worse and Letty starts to hear strange sounds, one of those seems to come from whitin the house, when she goes to have a look she finds...(I won't tell anything more, so I won't spoil the story for you).

This suspenseful short story is worth the app. 15 minutes it takes to read. Perfect for when you have to wait for a train or something like that. Recommended.

This book has two parts: the first part is about Rome and Roman life. It tells about society, political system, religion, the military and more. This first part gives the facts but does not explain a lot, it reads a bit like reading a list of facts, like you're reading an encyclopedia. A lot of latin terms are explained, like: Plebeian, plebs, urbana, rustica, numera senatum, villa publica, etc. Handy if you need or want to have a basic knowledge of Roman society.

The second part is about Roman mythology, and tells the stories Apollo, Mercury, Bacchus, Mars, Minerva, Iris and many more. This part of the book also has some bits that read a bit like a encyclopedia, but also more narrative parts.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about Roman society and Roman mythology. This book is a bit like a encyclopedia, so you don't have the idea that you're reading exiting or thrilling stories, but if its the knowledge of these subject matters you're after, then this book is what you're looking for. You don't need any previous knowledge of these subjects to read this book with ease, it's target audience were highschool students.

This book by one of the leading art-historians of all time -Jacob Burckhardt (1818-1897)- is an absolute masterpiece. This free e-book is the translation of 'Die Kultur der Renaissance in Italien' by S.G.C. Middlemore in 1878, it is in the public domain.

This book is about the Renaissance in Italy, which experienced its pinnacle around 1500. Burckhardt did extensive research in archives before writing this book, he used sources from the times itself. Even though Burckhardt was an art-historian, this book is a book about history, there is little about art in this book. Burckhardt not only writes about states, but also about people, language, clothes, religion and every day life, universities and schools, immorality, poetry and much more. This is a great book, in spite of its age it is still very readable, Burckhardt had a lively way of writing. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in history, this is not only one of the most important history-books ever written, it is still a nice read.

The only negative thing I can say about it is that Burckhardt's idea of a complete break between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance is now obsolete; today it is genarally believed that it was not a complete and sudden break but a slow process, in which some people moved faster towards the modern times than other people.

If you liked this book, then you'll probably will also like the works by Johan Huizinga (1872-1945).

The contents of this book are 6 'books', each of those has several chapters. The 'books' are:
Part One: The State as a Work of Art
Part Two: The Development of the Individual
Part Three: The Revival of Antiquity
Part Four: The Discovery of the World and of Man
Part Five: Society and Festivals
Part Six: Morality and Religion

This story tells about a guest staying in a hotel in the Netherlands in the year 1897. It gives a discription of things he does, for exemple: attending a concert which was also attended bij the Queen-regent (Emma) and her daughter (Wilhelmina, queen from 1880-1948, but still a minor at the time this story was written). He also dicribes members of staff of the hotel and people bathing in the sea. The story takes you back in time. It is more like a holiday diary than like a fictional story.
In deze briefroman wordt de jongensachtige Francis ('majoor Frans') aan haar achterneef Leopold gekoppeld. Beiden komen uit een goed milieu maar zijn verarmd. Op voorwaarde dat hij met Francis trouwt kan Leopold geld erven van een tante. De romance tussen hen is een belangrijk thema in dit boek. De spelling is die van voor de spellingshervorming van 1948 (neen, hooren, bosschen, etc) en er zijn veel Franse woorden in dit boek. Het boek geeft inzicht in de leefwijze van de bovenklasse in Nederland in de tweede helft van de 19e eeuw.
Anne Brontë (1820-1849) has published two books: \'Agnes Grey\' (1847) and \'The Tenant of Wildfell Hall\' (1848). In this book a young woman, Helen Graham, and her young son arrive in a small village and rent Wildfell Hall. She works as a artist to support herself and her child. The villagers try to find out who she is and what her background is. Helen does not tell a lot about herself and the villagers start gossiping about her. It turns out that Helen has fled from her alcoholic and abusive husband.

At the time this book was written, it was not only considered morally wrong for a wife to leave her husband, but it was even against the law. According to some this book was (one of) the first feminist novel(s). Themes in this book are: alcoholism, gender relations, Victorian moral and the (lack of) rights of women. The alcoholic husband is believed to be based on Anne Brontë\'s brother Branwell.
This book written by Robert Leighton (1859-1934) was first published in 1910. The book contains a general history of dogs and practical information on breeding, management, some common ailments of the dogs and their treatment. The emphasis of the book however is on breeds of dogs and their history. Over 50 different breeds are discribed in this book. The information given is at some points dated. For example: the colours considered to be correct for poodles are given in this book as: black, white, brown and blue. The colours that are considered correct today are: black, white , brown, grey, and apricot.

This 'Dogs and All about Them' is a nice and very readable book that gives interesting information on the history of dogbreeds, but the information it gives is dated. This book is more of a history book than a practical guide on dogs today. I do recommend this book to doglovers! The printed editions have pictures, but the eBook versions don't.
This book was written by French author Alexandre Dumas père in 1844. It's quite a long story: paperback versions have over 400 pages. Dumas has written two sequels to this book: 'Twenty years later' (1845) and 'The vicomte de Bragelonne' (1847).

The story is partly based on true facts. The figure D'Artagnan is based on Charles de Bast de Castelmore, count of Artagnan. He was a musketeer in the service of King Louis XIV and died during the siege of Maastricht (The Netherlands) in 1673.

Set in the early 17th century this book tells the story of 4 musketeers: Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D'Artagnan. Musketeers were guards to the King. The book narrates the adventures of these four young men. They get involved in: betrayal, lies, assassinations, true friendship, love, kidnap, fighting, and the conspiracy by Cardinal Richelieu to overthrow the King. In this story the brotherhood between men is portrayed as one of the most important values in life.

This adventure/historical novel is an entertaining story.
This book was written in 1899 and it contains 24 poems about animals. The poems are not educational, they are not teaching facts about the animals. Most poems are 12 lines long, but some are a bit shorter or a bit longer. Hyphens are used to make the poems easier to read for kids.

Its a nice little book whith short poems that can be read to young children or be read by themselves by children who are learning how to read. There are no pictures in the book.
This book contains 326 very short poems or thoughts of just one or a few lines. All those little poems give you something to think about, they are very touching.
I highly recommend this book.